24 Total Votes

Calorie Control

Laws telling you what type and/or how much food you may eat.
16 votes

Gun Control

Laws telling you what type of gun you can buy, or own, and/or how much ammo they may hold.
8 votes
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JiffyCones says2016-08-18T10:08:47.7337234Z
Neither of these is really a good idea, but if I had to pick, I'd pick Calorie Control. Nothing in the Constitution protecting the right to eat yourself to an early grave with fried foods and sweets.
Throwback says2016-08-18T11:49:38.3149202Z
I agree with JiffyJones to a point and abstain from voting. The constitution actually does prohibit laws like this. It's just not followed as a protection of rights any longer.
Throwback says2016-08-18T11:50:21.1689443Z
Also agree with JiffyCones lol
mostlogical says2016-08-18T12:55:36.5010377Z
Laws aren't made to save lives
Andrew820 says2016-08-18T14:37:47.3721368Z
Foodiesoul says2016-08-18T22:38:38.9355492Z
I don't understand why Calorie Control got more votes than Gun Control. Can someone please explain to me?
Heterodox says2016-08-19T05:30:10.3844415Z
@mostlogical, Really? What are seat belt laws made to do then? Motorcycle Helmet laws? Current gun control laws? Etc.
JiffyCones says2016-08-20T06:48:11.3023872Z
@Foodirsoul: Because obesity is a larger concern than gun violence. (See what I did there?)
SegBeg says2016-08-21T20:52:12.4150978Z
Oooh oooh, I've got a great way to save lives......... END ABORTION!!!!!!
JiffyCones says2016-08-22T03:26:14.5876397Z
@SegBeg Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! I could not agree more! #BlackLivesMatter should focus on it because it kills 5 million African American babies a year.
Em5206 says2019-10-18T21:42:30.3442167Z
Calorie control would lessen diabetes. I agree with that.

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