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She Is Beautiful

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"She Is Beautiful" is the second single released by Andrew W.K. In 2002. It contains three previously released tracks and the video for "She Is Beautiful". This song was used in the introduction of American Pie: Band Camp and also appears on the soundtrack to the films Out Cold and Freaky Friday. It was used in early advertisements for the Nintendo GameCube. The song was covered by Children of Bodom on their Trashed, Lost & Strungout EP.There were two promo singles released to radio stations for this single. The first promo single only had one track, the title song. The second promo single had the title song and the video for the song. The art for the first promo single had a black background, and in the middle, it said "ANDREW W.K." in white, and below that, it said "SHE IS BEAUTIFUL" in white. The art for the second promo single had a live picture of Andrew.Andrew once performed this song live alongside Kelly Osbourne as a duet, during the Ozzfest 2002 festival.


This dog is prettier

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mishapqueen says2015-04-07T15:32:45.1010856-05:00
Uhhh.... It's the same dog...?
lawyerup says2015-04-08T21:33:27.0263467-05:00
The first one looks smarter.
to_harris-gully062 says2015-04-09T14:50:05.1660987-05:00
I love this cute dog
to_harris-gully062 says2015-04-09T14:50:34.1707744-05:00
It the same dog and picture
Darquesse says2015-10-22T13:12:44.4197054Z
Is there actually a difference ?

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