Which form of healthcare do you support?

Posted by: SirMaximus

Feel free to add another option if you don't support any listed here.

32 Total Votes

Single payer

15 votes

Free market

15 votes

Public option

2 votes
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Individual mandate

0 votes
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fastmikey2080 says2017-08-16T14:16:47.4368492Z
Before you ask for single payer please take the time to study the VA. The federal government has proven that CAN NOT do healthcare right.
TheMarketLibertarian says2017-08-28T04:46:24.4997464Z
1. Healthcare is not a human right 2. No it wouldn't 3. Most Eurpean countries suck.
Bluepaintcan123 says2017-08-29T12:20:32.1564246Z
1. Back your claims with evidence 2. If not, you're just talking out your end.
TheMarketLibertarian says2017-09-03T15:01:41.5905801Z
You are the one who isn't backing up your claims with evidence, prove healthcare is a right
Bluepaintcan123 says2017-09-03T22:58:30.5185261Z
@The MarketLibertarian You made the claim that healthcare was not a human right. I cannot discuss that if you do not explain what you mean by human right and why healthcare is not under that category. YOU wrote your comment first, and I responded asking for clarification. Either deliver that or don't bother commenting in the first place.
TheMarketLibertarian says2017-09-05T04:01:58.4829454Z
You don't get to flip the BOP. I wrote that in response anyway. You claimed that healthcare is aright somehow, you didn't rationalize why.
Bluepaintcan123 says2017-09-05T12:31:04.0802241Z
Since you won't step up: Article 25 of the Declaration of Human Rights "Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well being of himself and his family, including food, clothing, housing, medical care, and necessary social services, and the right to security in case of...Circumstances beyond his control." You can also interpret the "right to life" as including healthcare. I personally don't think universal healthcare would ever be viable in the US, not because of money or anything, but because of the people. Progress is a word we are all foreign to, so I doubt it is worth anyone's time to debate this.
TheMarketLibertarian says2017-09-07T05:03:45.7805553Z
What the UN says is really irrelevant- the entire idea of rights were invented by John Locke who defined them in a negative sense.

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