• Fortnite

  • PUBG

46% 26 votes
54% 31 votes
  • Came out earlier (Official release, Not early beta) Also, First to have vehicles, More than one map, And hitbox overhauls. Also, I greatly prefer realism or gameplay to fads or metas

  • I vote for this Chinese game it’s the best

  • This game is more realistic

  • i mean

  • First Person, And you can actually aim sith the gun

  • Fortnite is garbage because it is very cartoony. Sure, Everyone has different preferences, But in my opinion, PUBG it way more realistic and fun. The only reason people are playing Fortnite it because it's trending everywhere. And when I say everywhere. . . I mean EVERYWHERE.

  • fortnite gay lmao

  • pub g is better game to waste your time

  • Fortnite is full of kids that whine over not getting V Bucks

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DeborahHills says2019-04-16T20:36:43.4287575Z
Forintie foroniti foritn foront forritnit firoitn forotnirn fortnintr fornitr fortnite

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