Which Gaming Laptop is better? (Specs Beside Poll Choice)

Posted by: Tyler5362

  • Lenovo Y50 UHD ( 1TB HDD Hybrid 8GB SSD, nvidia GeForce GTX860M 2gb vRam, 8gb RAM, i7-4710HQ 2.4GHz OC tp 3.4GHz, 4K Display)

  • ASUS ROG G750 Series G750JM (1TB HDD, Nvidia GeForce GTX860M 2gb vRam, 16gb RAM, i7 4700HQ 2.4GHz OC to 3.4GHz, 1080p Display))

27% 3 votes
73% 8 votes
  • Lenovo doesn't make gaming computers. I know that from experience.

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