• Men

  • Women

55% 12 votes
45% 10 votes
  • It's a hand/eye coordination thing. Men aren't better, They are just built better for driving. Of course we wreck more because we drive faster and do crazier things, , But all in all we are better drivers.

  • Women are always getting in the way provoking car crashes

  • Driving doesn't take perfect hand/eye coordination. Statistics show men get in more accidents. For that reason, I say women.


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beastmodeboy445 says2019-01-10T20:15:53.0527607Z
In what world would one person say the opposite gender is better than their gender at driving? This is really just a ratio of males to females on this website
Haberak says2019-01-14T20:48:19.2697495Z
I see more women drive at least somewhat distracted but more men drive crazy, We both suck

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