Which genre of music is more degrading to women?

Posted by: theoneandonlykas

Just out of these. I realize there are others.

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Rock and roll

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Haroush says2014-11-11T17:21:10.0013211-06:00
All of the mainstream music of these three genres are just as equally degrading to women. Even people like Beyonce are degrading to women.
funnycn says2014-11-12T06:41:35.5916920-06:00
^ So true.
Stefy says2014-11-12T08:52:27.9862424-06:00
Hmmm..Much of the mainstream rap is objectifying, the same in country along with shoving women into traditional roles with all the love songs where all the guy does is ask the father if its ok to date her, rock is bad a lot of the time but i think it is usually more egalitarian even if female rock stars are never welcomed to the mainstream at least the music is a little less often hostile. I think country and rap are equally objectifying, country is just sneakier aboit it, so ill go with that. This was very depressing to think about. Sorry women of the world.
debate_power says2014-11-12T16:19:41.4242261-06:00
Hard to objectify women when you create music that doesn't have lyrics. I like music without lyrics the most and thus I feel morally gratified.

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