Which has more destructive power?

Posted by: emporer1

Nature vs Humanity

  • Nature

  • Humans

75% 12 votes
25% 4 votes
  • Ill take your nuke and raise you 1 planetary collision.

  • What people fail to see is that it's "Nature" and not "Planet Earth". Things like tornadoes and earthquakes are mere scratches. When you talk about nature, things like asteroid collisions and supernovae come into play. Then, it's not even a question.

    Posted by: Jay-D
  • Asteroid 1 mile in diameter will wipe out most life.

    Posted by: gabep
  • Bio weapons, nature's deadliest weapon made stronger by humans.

  • Most natural things do not last long for example tornadoes, or large storms, excluding earthquakes, and things from space. But a nuclear weapon would have a long lasting effect on earths environment like making water undrinkable, or making high radiation levels killing plants and animals causing mass extinction.

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Krampus says2015-06-18T13:21:38.1823154-05:00
I didn't let me add my comment, but if you vote humans, you are thinking too small. Celestial bodies have way more destructive power than anything else we could ever come up with. A super nova, black hole, or even another planet can and does 100% destroy planets all of the time.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-19T07:56:41.5899368-05:00
I don't know how this is even a contest. Unless youre gonna go the route of playing with the definition of "destruction" as it only applies to human will and what we perceive as destructive, or something of that nature ... Then maybe.
4thgear_uzumaki says2015-06-29T04:25:34.2778041-05:00
Humans dont stand a chance!! Nature itself is the earth

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