• Social Gain

  • Personal Gain

62% 18 votes
38% 11 votes
  • you can get personal gain through social gain. Also, social gain is more important because you get more out of social gain and personal gain sounds greedy.

    Posted by: yay842
  • I'd rather be rich with people than be rich with money. Money can go away forever, friends are always by your side.

    Posted by: leojm
  • a strong society will make strong people. Personal gain is important but more important is social gain. Social gain will make a strong society and a strong relation, a strong bond between people, love and care , which will ll develop a strong country .

  • I'd rather be popular for something then rich, more people trust you that way.

  • Social gain is something I already have down, personal gain though is much harder to obtain

  • Without believing in yourself you cannot get social gain, socialisation is down to you've been taught and treated but essentially its down to what you think of yourself as if you didn't see yourself fit to interact or socialise then you wouldn't and therefor no one would know you and you wouldn't receive social gain.

  • Shut up dont talk to me get ya bread up

  • Haha people can't attain personal gain so they justify that with "Social gain is much better" Really? I don't see your massive group of friends opening schools in third world countries. Anyways, in my case, social gain is easier, its the personal gain that's more elusive.

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