• Spear

  • Sword

32% 12 votes
68% 25 votes
  • Simple, easy to use, greater reach, and the staple weapon for most pre-firearm nations.

  • like the spartans, although they use swords too

  • Much more universal in combat, while a sword is much more efficient at close range, a unit of spearmen are capable of cutting down even the most skilled swordsman at a range. And also unlike swords they are much more useful against cavalrymen and their mounts, especially in the event of a charge. There's a reason why feudal armies came heavily armed with spears and pole arms; because it's much better to strike from a distance where you cannot be struck eh.

  • More reach, penetration.

  • Oh by dear God....some of those comments on the other side better be a joke. "it is easy to carry and attack people" Did you know that you can simply jab that long pointy end into someone and that will hurt them alot too? "Much more eloquence to it plus history kind of proved it to be" while I can agree to this to a certain degree the spear was a much more common weapon since 1. It wasn't hard to make in comparison to the sword. 2. It wasn't hard to replace. 3. It didn't require significant training to use since some of the most effective techniques are just thrusts which anybody with a working brain can do. 4. Unlike the sword the spear is significantly more effective to cavalry charges. 5. It worked wonders in formations. In the advance of black smithing swords became less harder to produce yet the spear still remained a very popular choice. "a sword is usually light and easy to carry and block attacks. A spear is only good for long range."an average spear would weigh around 5-7 pounds so yes it would weigh more than a sword (It can vary) yet not to the point where you can't move it. Yes spears are only good for long range yet if you think about it is it that much of a detriment? In comparison to the sword you can attack the enemy (Depending on the weapon they have) at a distance without putting yourself at harm (Except the bow or crossbow). If you bypassed the shaft then yes a spear men would then be in an awful position and most likely be dead. But the difficult part is always bypassing the shaft in the first place. It's not complex but it's like running a 40 mile sprint. It ain't that easy. I clearly didn't respond to everything yet here were some of my statements. While every weapon has it's flaws and that there were spear men who fell before swordsmen I for one still would place my bet on the spear in both a spar and in a large-scale battle.

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dbushwacker says2015-04-21T08:27:48.0814236-05:00
I would rather choose ax, hand ax in particular. Simple and requires little skill, the ax is both capable piercing and wrenching an opponents shield from his arm and inspires fear when it's put to such uses as mutilation.
themightyindividual says2016-04-01T16:30:54.5819661Z
@Heyuuuyayaya you made me change my vote to spear

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