Which is a more plausible explanation as to why we exist?

Posted by: Mikal

What is it?

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RobbyByron says2013-09-04T16:15:07.4768342-05:00
Why can't it be both?
TheEnergyHippo says2013-09-04T16:16:46.8513822-05:00
Because there is no proof it was both
Tulbakra says2013-09-04T17:25:17.3112376-05:00
Neither. Define science.
frio937 says2013-09-04T21:29:02.7436669-05:00
This poll makes no sense..Science doesn't create things its the study of observations. Also, if (God=true){Science would be programmed by god still making both true}. This is why logical thinking should be taught in schools. Logic doesn't prove or disprove anything it just prevents questions like (Why do cats meow? The fish swims left or their vocal cords.) Erg, *facepalm*
Mikal says2013-09-05T18:41:40.0955365-05:00
A science is the study of things. Psychology in itself can be a science. "Science" is the study and observation of variables through experiments. Science can not directly create the universe, that is obvious. This is within the context, which can explain it more. God or Science. You don't need a God in order to explain it, Science can do that all on its on
AtomicRap says2013-09-08T14:08:12.8433898-05:00
Mirrodin says2013-09-11T22:07:43.7412284-05:00
One answer contains the other. What kind of poll is that?
TheEnergyHippo says2013-09-13T10:13:27.0669224-05:00
@Mirrodin Yep you are right. Evolution created god in our minds, sadly.
ferris01 says2014-03-22T21:03:44.4073218-05:00
If you believe god started everything, who made god?

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