• Baseball

  • Ice Hockey

57% 12 votes
43% 9 votes
  • I'm only picking baseball because you never end a game in a tie and the scores are generally slightly higher.

  • In baseball you cant win if your only good player is the pitcher, you need you batters, pitchers and fielders to all be on your game plus your management has to know when to pull pitchers or pinch hit

    Posted by: Reimer
  • I play softball so baseball is really similar to softball. Baseball just has more action.

  • I am canadian and I say baseball.

  • Hockey requires much more skill, power and dedication. In baseball, half of the game you are sitting on the bench. In hockey however, everyone plays, unless of course you are the back up goalie. Hockey requires non stop skating, speed, accuracy and teamwork. However, when you team is batting in baseball, all you need to do is hit the ball and run. The only time where teamwork is used is when you are on the outfield in baseball, whereas in hockey, when you are playing you are using teamwork and making plays. In baseball, most of the time you are just standing until the ball is hit, this is when you start to run. In hockey, you play nonstop, besides faceoffs of course. It is obvious that hockey requires much more skill and dedication, thus rendering it a superior sport to baseball.

    Posted by: Teemo
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SweetTea says2014-05-17T04:51:46.0338916-05:00
Football ... Soccer ... Basketball ... Golf ... All better than the above!
Christian_Debater says2014-05-17T09:30:51.9474916-05:00
@SweetTea Golf is special, come on now. Thats not fair.

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