Which is better coke or pepsi?

Posted by: CyberR

Obviously coke guys.

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Foodiesoul says2016-06-21T19:20:08.6036281Z
They both taste the same to me so it's hard for me to choose! I don't really like Coke or Pepsi because both taste horrible to me!
themightyindividual says2016-06-22T00:25:15.0218357Z
Coke and Pepsi, Democrat and Republican. Idiots vote coke/dem because it's easier and sounds better without considering the Pepsi in fact tastes better.
Lsumichiganfan says2016-06-22T00:26:49.1399795Z
I am democrat and voted for Pepsi...
TechnologicalSingularity says2016-06-25T23:24:00.1664538Z
I would say Pepsi, but I don't want to die from a Columbian death squad.
Anonymous473hf7 says2016-07-11T04:35:13.3664211Z
Health wise, pepsi

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