Which is better: discussing in the forums or actual debating?

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AnonyFeline says2014-03-19T19:04:33.2674410-05:00
Debate winners are not necessarily those on the side of the truth or the facts. They are the ones who argue better, or are more experienced or skilled at arguing a particular case. Discussions and opinions offer multiple perspectives on the same topic, which enlighten all participants in the process as well as create a dialectic withmore dimensions. (e.G. Blind men and an elephant). By sharing the information we each have to those that lack it, and requesting information we lack from those that have it, we may better understand the bigger picture of the actual object and/or problem. Trading places and directly understanding another's perspective is beneficial, but in most cases difficult or impossible (e.G. Across lines of gender, racial, sexual orientation, etc.) The next best thing is to ask or observe from a different point of view: or their point of view with a new set of eyes and a new awareness.

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