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pianodude2468 says2016-08-18T23:31:08.3461376Z
Empathy is feeling an emotion with someone, and understanding. Sympathy is like trying to comfort them. Would you rather hear "I know how you feel" with a hug, or "at least you aren't dead. "
SNP1 says2016-08-19T00:11:21.1980045Z
My vote is for apathy.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2016-08-19T02:23:16.7043446Z
Why must one be better than the other?
Emma098916 says2016-08-19T11:37:55.6250287Z
Empathy, duh.
Heterodox says2016-08-19T15:41:43.0205197Z
I don't see how one could be judged better than the other without a goal in mind.
Foodiesoul says2016-08-20T00:08:00.5363403Z
@Heterodox Okay. You have a really good point.
MasturDbtor says2016-08-25T02:27:21.2070712Z
@ pianodude2468 A person could say "I know how you feel" even though they are actually sympathizing and only saying that because they know you will feel better if they think are empathizing.

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