Which is better: Family first or Australian Sex Party

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Australian Sex Party

The Australian Sex Party is an Australian political party founded in 2009 in response to concerns over the influence of religion in politics. The party was born out of an adult-industry lobby group, the Eros Association. Its leader, Fiona Patten, is...  the association's CEO, while the party's registered officer, Robert Swan, is the association's media director. Patten describes the party as a "civil libertarian alternative". Patten is a veteran campaigner on issues such as censorship, equality, and discrimination   more
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Family First Party

The Family First Party is an economic and socially conservative political party in Australia. It has two members in the South Australian Legislative Council. Bob Day was elected as a Family First Senator for South Australia at the 2013 federal elect... ion and will assume his seat on 1 July 2014. Elected to the Senate at the 2004 federal election in Victoria, Steve Fielding failed to gain re-election at the 2010 federal election. His term ended on 1 July 2011   more
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