Which is better for children: home school or public school?

Posted by: purplelicious

  • Public School

  • Home School

64% 16 votes
36% 9 votes
  • Generally better for socail development.

  • They'll get professionally trained teachers, social skills, and many other benefits.

  • they learn how to stand up to bullying

  • I think children can socialize more in public school than home schooling because in public school they have more friends, have professional teacher and got a better education for the children.

  • It's a mockery to the education system that any parent can teach to their children. So glad I spent thousands of dollars on a Bachelor of Education so parents can choose to teach their own kids however they see fit. There is no way to keep track of what those students are being taught. Wanna home school your kids? Fine, but get an Education degree first. But even then, it is often a disadvantage to the students socially.

  • The Public education system as it is is flawed, and not getting fixed anytime soon. The interests of the government are not always to the benefit of the needs and rights of the child, the same applies with religious institutions at private schools run by them. The best options are home-education (either by parents or independently) or secular private schools

  • Homeschool/online/individualized learning is so much better. The school system is so flawed and not changing anytime soon like pavlovringsabell said. I do personally believe education and public schools are 2 different things. You shouldn't have to learn what the government tells you what you need to know because most of it will be forgotten anyway. A study done proved that students forget 90% of what they supposedly "learn" in schools just after 3 days! I understand how people can be mad about kids not going to school even though so many people pay taxes for them to go. But it is essentially the choice of what the student wants. If schools changed in an actually positive way then public school would be better but it's not, It's horrible and honestly a joke. They train you to be mindless and obedient people rather than learning about passions and important things. They train you to be an adult but yet they don't teach you about insurance or tax or budgets or anything else you will actually use everyday? Because knowing a line is 180 degrees is more important right?

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joehuangathome says2015-10-13T01:41:51.7917553Z
Home schooling is better than Public school because you can save transportation expense. Also, the children can communicate their inner feelings that they wouldn't in public school. Another reason is that they can study their religion more freely without outside pressure. The opposite side argues that they don't have social skills but that is not TRUE! You can socialize in many other places, like back in the old days.
Charlatte says2019-03-11T22:33:35.9572158Z
Stop assuming they would have less social interaction if they have homeschool instead, They might finish in less time as there would be only the parent and kid(s) depending on how many they have. Therefore kids could spend more time going out and meeting people based on being interested in being there rather than being forced to be there and end up in the same class by random chance.

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