Which is Better For Sexually Curios Students, Middle School or High School?

Posted by: Masterdebater55

Give reasons and descriptions. Stories if possible.

  • Middle School

  • High School

33% 3 votes
67% 6 votes
  • Middle School is when students start to better discover the identity of who they are socially. They enter into cliques and groups, find like-minded peers, figure out which adults they hold in higher regards and which they care for least. This is the time when they are in limbo between independence and interdependence with their parents and teachers. Their cognitive skills begin to change, and their rules become less black and white and more in the grey area. Many children from the ages of 11-13 believe that they have come to the point in their lives where they are ready to engage in sexual activity or in navigating their own sexuality as seems to be the current trend of topics lately. However, I believe that it isn't until high school age that adolescents can truly be ready to open the door to this area in their lives. Preparing and gearing young adolescents with the tools and knowledge to prepare them for future decisions of whether they decide to uphold abstinence or engage in sexual activity when they are older makes sense. However, acting as if it is something to be expected and acted upon at this age is nothing short of ludicrous. While understanding something physically, physiologically and emotionally they may not be able to deal with it as readily as they believe they are.

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jo154676 says2016-11-08T07:38:06.8699572Z
This one should be obvious, more maturity and understanding of what is going on, and more people are exploring their own sexual curiosities in high school. In middle school if someone says the word penis the whole school starts laughing, not the kind of maturity that is commonly accepting of sexual differences.

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