• Fortnite

  • Minecraft

24% 17 votes
76% 54 votes
  • You can make and download mods on Minecraft where you can't on Fortnite and Fortnite is a rip-off. Http://www. Createdebate. Com/debate/show/Is_Fortnite_a_rip_off#arg0

  • minecraft is fun fortnut is not

  • Because fortnite sucks

  • Minecraft is a game based almost solely on creativity.

  • VICKY!

  • You can't even mine diamonds in fortnite

  • Yea most people love Minecraft! I mean the servers, Online gameplay! Different versions for different platforms yo play on and SOOOO many adventures! Also, Minecraft is the second to first BEST SELLING GAME! IN THE WORLD but the first yea gets ready to say WHAT? ! Tetris. . . . . Yep, The number one greatest game in the world. . . BUT STILL, Minecraft is REALLY cool!

  • Minecraft is much better because of the creativity and the wide variety of different games. While Fortnite, Is not at creative because you have MUCH of a limit that you can build to. Fortnite is only an elongated fad. Battle Royale doesn't keep an audience for long. As you can tell, Fortnite is already on the downward slope.

  • Bruh

  • talking about creativity. You can't spell Minecraft without creatif

    Posted by: wa_ge
  • If a lil kid wants to play Minecraft it won't get in the habit of guns

  • I started playing minecraft for 4 years now and I still like to play it. You can get creative and build houses and even make your own city. Also, I can play in multiplayer servers and I won't get lonely. However, Fortnite on the other hand, You shoot people and is violent.

  • Fortnite is about killing while Minecraft allows kids to express their creativity and designing skills. I will say that both are really expensive to get the best experience!

  • Im sorry fortnite lovers but. . . FORTNITE IS THE DUMBEST GAME MADE IN THE HISTORY OF DUMB GAMES once again sorry

  • ooooooooffff

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CatMaster09 says2019-01-15T19:00:36.6262312Z
This will be an everlasting war.
DumplingDebate says2019-01-24T22:49:01.3342805Z
Minecraft plz
nelis says2019-02-07T17:02:54.5294510Z
This is a question without any sense. "better" is a subjective term. Subject to each individual's perspective. In other words: this question is entirely pointless. Second of all; the games are not the same and aimed at an entirely different kind of user. It is like asking if a potato is "better" than a lemon.

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