Which is better, Fortnite or roblox?

Posted by: CandyDan

Leave your opinions on which game is better here.

  • Fortnite

  • Roblox

26% 17 votes
74% 48 votes
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legendzonline says2019-03-29T15:59:01.6110431Z
Fortnite cooler boiiiiiiiiiiiii
LoveFood21 says2019-04-01T18:13:22.3363903Z
Roblox is better because it's a game that has games in it
thomas111 says2019-04-02T20:18:03.7279128Z
They both suck. #longlivecallofduty
MrPanda40812 says2019-04-03T02:23:25.8114818Z
COD BO3 is best COD game
MrPanda490812 says2019-04-13T04:16:45.6362806Z
I don't understand. Roblox grew up with us and Fortnite is making 8 year olds very retarded.
MLGwibby says2019-04-18T16:17:24.3535144Z
CS:GO is better

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