Which is Better, Left-Wing Populism or Right-Wing Populism?

Posted by: Oreo222

  • Left-Wing Populism

  • Right-Wing Populism

50% 7 votes
50% 7 votes
  • although I'm an Independent who supports ideas for both the left and right, I have to say that Trump is an idiot and that a presidency under him would hurt the US. Bernie is actually quite resalable (on most things) and even If he only got 1 thing on his list done, he would be affecting the US in a positive way. The main thing that I would criticize all the candidates for is their obsession with hurting the other party, that they forget that they are supposed to be working for us, making our lives better, not having contest to determine who has the biggest... dicktatorial power bace.

  • Left-wing populism doesn't seem overly/at all concerned with immigration (at least, in the context of the US).

  • Right wing protestors are much more logical Becuase they have reasons to protest.

    Posted by: Ammmm
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Vox_Veritas says2016-02-27T23:28:28.4044560Z
WORKERS OF THE...Oh wait. Dang it. We'll have to say something different.
Texas14 says2016-02-28T15:16:00.2589132Z
They're both bad in my opinion, specifically in America. The thing is, the American people aren't very informed on either side of the aisle. So the idea that a populist movement takes over to push for policies whether it be universal healthcare or deporting all illegal immigrants is scary.

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