Which is better: Mac or PC?

If you own or had to purchase a new computer, which type you choose and why?

  • Mac

  • Pc

30% 10 votes
70% 23 votes
  • In response to the argument that PC is open source... It isn't. You have to pay for it. If you buy a mac, you are guaranteed quality, whereas with a PC it is all down to the manufacturer. I run a MacBook triple-booted with OSX, Win7 and Ubuntu, and I must say (though there is no option for it here) Ubuntu is the better OS hands down.

  • Integration, Price, and Extended Support For this argument, I am not going to be looking at OEM hardware, only between Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 and Macbook Air 2013 because these two products are the best representatives for each company that also compete directly with each other. For software, I will be comparing their latest operating systems - Windows 8.1 vs Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 INTEGRATION - Apple provides the best user experience due to maturity in the industry Microsoft launched the Surface for several reasons, but one of them is the realization that the ideal way to provide an ideal user experience for your users is via your own hardware/software integration and the Surface series is the answer to that. The Surface is by far the best device to run Windows 8, they aren't the cheapest, and definitely not the most powerful - but you won't be able to find any other device on the market that really compares to it ie touch cover, type cover, vapormg, magnetic adapter, kickstand - a device which was specifically designed for the best Windows 8 user experience; Very similar to what Google did with the Nexus line. Since Windows 8 and Surface are the future of Microsoft, Redmond is now really playing in Apple's realm and Apple at the moment is in a far better position than Microsoft at producing integrated products that appeal to consumers. PRICE - Apple is cheaper Windows 8.1 costs 119.99 vs Mac OS X 10.9 (Price is unknown but if based on Mountain Lion, it would cost 19.99, however Lion cost 29.99 and following that trend there could be a possibility that Mavericks may cost 9.99). Let's take a look at hardware, the Surface Pro 2 4GB 128GB costs 999 + keyboard would cost an extra 119.99 or 129.99 depending on which one you choose. Compare this with a Macbook Air 11" 4GB 128GB which gives you a fully functioning ultraportable for 999.00. Heck you can even use the money you suppose to spend on the keyboards to purchase Windows and dual boot if you are so inclined. But the best part, as a student, you can get the Macbook Air 11" for 949 special pricing - may not be much, but at least Apple gives you something. EXTENDED SUPPORT - US Only 2 Years Microsoft Complete w/ 2 Accidental Claims at Added Expense vs Worldwide 3 Years AppleCare For extended warranty, Microsoft has Microsoft Complete which cost $149.00 for the Surface Pro and last an extra year in addition to the standard warranty and offers two accidental damage claim for an added fee of 49 each time. AppleCare offers two years additional warranty which costs 249.00, you don't get additional claims but you can get this cover cheaper with student special pricing to 183.00. But the best part is you are covered worldwide and can seek for support worldwide, just reach out to AppleCare at your location when your computer fails.

  • The operating system depends on the user, if I were to buy my mom a laptop I would undoubtedly buy her a Mac computer because the file system is tucked away nicely so there is a minimal chance of her messing something up. I prefer Mac's for content creation such as Premiere Pro or Photoshop over windows as well. Mac computers are also beautifully built with their full aluminium bodies and premium feel, however that does not justify the price. This is a comparison of apples and oranges (pun intended) you can't say if one is superior to the other because it is preference.

    Posted by: NKings
  • It's open source. Easy to program for. And you can customize it.

    Posted by: Gulam
  • Definitely this, because I'm 14, and because well... Why? Cause I'm Batman.

  • Mac might be good for work and having good programs, but PC all the way for gaming! Even if Mac was $200 cheaper than PC i would still buy a PC, because with PC i can play games and work no matter what.


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YoreLore says2013-10-14T03:25:51.7993208-05:00
In response to the person claiming that PC quality is down the manufacturer, I can build one from my chosen components from the ground up. Apple are notorious for making their own systems as hard to alter or build as possible, they are secretive and overpriced. If you rely on your system being built for you (at an extortionate price) then go for the Mac, if you are interested in building your own custom system then it's always going to be a PC. Same applies for gamers as the Mac is leagues behind the PC in terms of gaming support.

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