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I don't care, I'm all about Windows.

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Linux is way better than Mac OS!

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Mac OS is way better than Linux!

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TBR says2015-07-16T22:28:36.1293014-05:00
Well, I can find the right notch for each. Linux is a terrible "general OS" and "business OS". Windows fits the enterprise best, casual home users, and gaming. MAC fits with some developers, graphic artists, video, and grandma. Point is, this is not a definitive, and never will be. Ever used HPUX? Still my fav OS, and you would most likely HATE IT.
jadedeb says2015-12-20T05:45:43.0761502Z
GNU/Linux is the best operating system around-- it is under ethical software licenses (free/libre, I.E. GNU GPL), is efficient, fast, and an all-around rock-solid OS.

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