Which is better: Movies or Books

Posted by: blazikin55

I prefer books over movies

Poll closed on 6/18/2014 at 6:00PM.
  • Books

  • B movie

69% 18 votes
31% 8 votes
  • when i have time, the book captures my attention and actually involves me in it. The movie can be good, often flops, and doesn't actually capture my attention beyond the 2 hours spent watching.

    Posted by: 00r3d

  • I like reading at my own pace instead of watching a movie that can be too slow at times and too quick at other times.

  • The books are always original and unchanged. The movies however are changed and not the same as the book.

  • Books are absolutely good.But,many people like movies.

  • There are more books than movies, also MANY movies are remakes of books. This proves that there are more interesting and good stories out there in books than movies. And lot of movies have the same theme over and over and over again.

  • i lose interest in books after 10 pages unless its like american sniper or something close to it.

  • Books allow for the imagination to exercise. However some are more visually imaginative and ambitious than I, and truthfully can produce a better visual than I could in my mind. I'm not saying books are boring, but that movies provide a concrete image that can be immensely satisfying.

  • books take to much effort, u cant eat popcorn and read a book!!

    Posted by: Zarlak
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SweetTea says2014-05-12T02:49:34.0804471-05:00
It depends on who is involved. I've seen Hollywood do very good work with a book, when putting it on film. And I've seen them make a complete mess of it!
jyotipatel says2014-05-14T03:59:07.3950707-05:00
Sweet tea is right...
Genworth_1 says2014-06-26T11:02:27.0145420-05:00
It depends some books were great, but the movie sucked and other times I liked the movie more. It really just depends.
farthead says2014-09-21T13:44:16.2594932-05:00
Are you asking if we prefer reading or watching movies, or if we prefer movie remakes or the original books?
alexdebater says2016-03-29T17:11:10.4413611Z
I Love reading because you don't have to be limited by what the movie tells you someone or something looks like. And in a book you can hear what people are thinking and it takes longer to read a book than it is to watch a movie so you can enjoy it for longer and it doesn't rack up your electrical bill when you read. Also reading has been proven to make you smarter. That's why I know books are better than movies.

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