Which is better; NHS or Paid health care

Posted by: kate_i_be

Comparison between healthcare free at the point of delivery (UK etc) and provisions provided via private health insurance (USA etc)

  • Federal government of the United States

  • Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

17% 1 votes
83% 5 votes
  • As a small business owner, I pay less with Obamacare (our version of NHS) than I did with private insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield). I have talked with insurance provider friends about this and they tell me that a) each county has different prices based on the number of claims and costs in their area, b) insurance companies used to discriminate between males and females and now they cannot (males don't give birth, males insurance rates have gone up), c) insurance companies are now capped at 50% more for insurance for what they can charge smokers. Smokers are much, much more expensive than nonsmokers. Nonsmoker rates have gone up, so that smokers can have appropriate insurance costs. I empathize with male, non-smokers living in high cost/claim areas having ridiculously high insurance rates now. Now they can feel the pain us females have had with insurance companies for years. Maybe their complaining will help us reach unity in cheaper health insurance for all Americans. http://www.denverpost.com/frontpage/ci_13636522

    Posted by: Sarra
  • This is the difference between the government telling you that you'll get care and actually getting care.

    Posted by: EthanS
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MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-09-18T05:37:47.9467397Z
@Sarra -- Small business owner....Nice, seriously that's a great thing. You make our country great; so thank you for taking such a risk in opening your business. Now, down to business: 1) Did you know that Obama signed executive action that delayed all small business mandates and regulations until right after he leaves office? 2) Do you know that Obama signed executive action, delaying over 50% of the customer facing fees and regulations until right after he leaves office? 3) Did you know the Aetna CEO was the first and loudest person to come out against the Affordable Care Act, calling it a death sentence for the industry and stating that it would push consumer costs through the roof? 4) Do you know that Obama went and talked to the Aetna CEO and promised a financial safety net for him and the rest of the health care industry as long as they signed onto the ACA; guaranteeing that until Obama leaves office, if any health insurance company using the ACA does not make the annual profit margin they are accustomed to, the tax payers will hand the company their missing profits, no questions asked? 5) Do you know that right after that meeting, the Aetna CEO publicly signed onto the ACA, and with the biggest smile? 6) Do you know that since getting that financial safety net, Aetna has been buying up EVERY health insurance company they can, spending around $50 billion at this point on buying other companies; with emphasis in acquisitions focused on businesses with big government contracts, medicare, and medicaid? || Do you know what this means when you put the pieces together? Aetna CEO knows this ACA deal is still a death sentence for the industry. However, being a good businessman as I am sure you know he is, he sees the massive profits ahead for him. With the financial safety net guaranteed to him by President Obama, he has no way to lose money until 2018 at the earliest. So, for the time being, he is buying up as many competitors as possible; while all those smaller companies are looking to get out of the game, he is buying them all up. This is sending Aetna's stock prices through the roof. Along with the legal requirement of all citizens to have health insurance, they are rolling in cash with no concern what-so-ever. Now, once ALL the mandates, fees, regulations, etc. kick in after the President leaves office, nobody will be able to afford it, the cost will go through the roof for consumers and small businesses, consumers won't buy insurance, the providers (health insurance companies) won't meet their profit margins, and everyone will suffer. At this point, there will be emergency funds released from the government to the insurance companies for 1 year to make sure every citizen can still get insurance. At this point, one of two things is going to happen: 1) Congress will replace the Affordable Care Act with something that costs the tax payers more money to keep the consumer costs down while keeping the same profit margins for the companies. OR 2) The government will announce a single payer plan for health insurance, artificially lowering costs by forcing the providers, doctors, etc. to lower their costs. This will be the point where Aetna and other companies will be sold off at maximum profit for the CEO and higher ups in the companies. I'll leave the future of doctors, nurses, hospitals, drug manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and innovation for another conversation. Bottom line is, everything the president has done with everything he has touched has turned out to destroy whatever it was that he touched. You may enjoy it now, but do you really think this will be good for long?
Sarra says2015-09-19T14:23:00.9374776Z
I knew a little about Aetna, but not all of that. Do you have any good links about the delayed expenses to take effect after President Obama leaves office?

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