Which is better, Nintendo or XBox?

Posted by: Traingamer1337

Which system, in your opinion, is best?

  • Xbox

  • Nintendo

46% 18 votes
54% 21 votes
  • Better exclusives, better Networking and Online play, and actual Third-Party support.

  • Xbox has been around for a much shorter time, Nintendo simply has had the time to build a large base for dedicated fans. Xbox has been around for roughly 14 years and built up a following rivaling Nintendo.

    Posted by: iBigot
  • pc is i better but betwen these xbox

  • I honestly don't like Xbox at all. It just isn't very wonderful in my opinion. But I like it more than Nintendo.

    Posted by: Bolas
  • I don't hear 8 years olds screaming their heads off when I want to play with other people close by.

  • I have yet to have any console but Nintendo, but I enjoy it. I feel like Nintendo was a major part of my childhood and has stuck with me a long time. These kids who get Xbox consoles when they're young and playing gun games (which are everywhere) while kids with Nintendo consoles are having fun going on adventures, saving the princess, fighting creative bosses, and not having to deal with annoying little kids (unless your playing Splatoon).

  • Xbox 360 was better than Wii- But Gamecube was much better than the original Xbox, and Wii U is much better than the Xbox One. And that's not even counting it's handhelds, which while not as good as it's home consoles, are still pretty good.

  • I prefer having handheld gaming systems, and I loved Nintendo games way more than I really did XBox ones.

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gabep says2015-10-22T22:50:50.6476371Z
PC Master Race!
BIGC says2015-10-22T22:55:12.8262789Z
Russia_The_almighty says2015-10-22T23:30:27.7917200Z
Of course PC is the best and always will be.
ImmortalVoddoler says2015-10-28T14:01:25.9943524Z
Are we really having a poll between an entire company and a single console?

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