Which is Better, Pancakes or Waffles?

Posted by: samhartj003

Which one is better?

  • Pancake

  • Waffle

45% 15 votes
55% 18 votes
  • Waffles = Pancakes + Syrup holders Syrup = Good Holders = More Therefore, Waffles = More Good

    Posted by: Rami
  • pancakes are shit goodbye

  • Waffles can hold the syrup and don't get soggy. They can also be crunchy or soft, Depending on you. We can have ice cream or chicken with waffles, Making them much more diverse.

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Rami says2016-02-24T19:25:04.6198045Z
Waffles will rule the world!
Rami says2016-02-24T19:50:49.7458221Z
You are all infidels, pancake-lovers!
triangle.128k says2016-02-24T20:14:33.2388054Z
hcd1997 says2016-02-24T22:14:08.3487994Z
@Rami you are the infidel because pancakes people make more than waffles
Rami says2016-02-24T22:18:17.6429099Z
You go for the inferior version of breakfast bread, the accursed pancakes. They don't retain the syrup like pancakes do.
hcd1997 says2016-02-24T22:26:03.6289845Z
@Rami you aren't makin since bud
Rami says2016-02-25T03:13:06.8428675Z
That's right, that's because I make dollars. Some real big dollars.
hcd1997 says2016-02-26T18:25:21.9454944Z
Then if you are making really good money you would use English better
Rami says2016-03-06T01:04:02.1695583Z
Ever read the Phantom Tollbooth? I'm speaking like the Word Snatcher.
hcd1997 says2016-04-21T16:19:32.6195733Z
@Rami I don't understand

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