• Roblox

  • Minecraft

26% 24 votes
74% 68 votes
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  • Got to say Minecraft may have more of a game play aspect to it but even when I say that its not completely true roblox has a diverse and complex community with coders builders leaders and many more I must say my opinion may be a bit bias because I have been playing roblox now for 5 years but the game to me feels more like a welcoming game with many fun and friendly communities to join and even better games that have took people hundreds of hours to script and longer to build I have to give this one to roblox

  • i am a roblox youtuber so the option is obvious also you can do so much more in roblox than in minecraft.

  • [I AM NOT INCLUDING THE BASE GAME OF MINECRAFT IN MY OPINION, I AM ONLY COMPARING WHAT MINECRAFT AND ROBLOX HAVE IN COMMON, aka the ability to have your own game/server] Although both games are so different, its hard to compare them, I would still choose ROBLOX. Even though ROBLOX and Minecraft both have a very, VERY, VERY terrible community, mostly consisting of 5 year olds, they are both still pretty decent games. What makes me prefer ROBLOX over Minecraft is the ability to create servers with the click of a button, and have all the tools you will ever need, no mods required. Personaly, ROBLOX feels more customizable than Minecraft, while also making it easier to create games.

  • Roblox has nearly infinite possibilities, while Minecraft is literally just the same thing over and over again.

  • First of all, roblox was released 3 years BEFORE minecraft, so if anything, minecraft got inspiration from roblox. Minecraft costs money to make an account where as roblox is free and gives you the option to spend money on virtual advancements just like minecraft. I play on a 3 year old MacBook air and i can play roblox just fine, also roblox is literally endless whilst minecraft is basically punching and breaking stuff and making things with the occasional killing and dying.

  • I am a Minecraft YouTuber so for me it is the obvious option

  • THE LAG IS REAL!!!!!1111!!!11!!!111!!!!

  • While I do enjoy playing Roblox from time to time, Minecraft would be the choice for me if I were to choose between these two. While Roblox may have some amusing minigames and some cool items, Minecraft has a much larger variety of servers, each with it's own collection of games, and some original ideas, along with custom texture packs, allowing players to use certain items other than for what they were meant for, such as hoes being used as guns on certain servers.

  • Roblox reminds me of a budget Minecraft. Minecraft is kinda like Roblox on steiroids

  • I played roblox for about 30 lag filled minutes. Idk why roblox was so much more laggy than minecraft but it was. And roblox has a ingame buying feature which I don't like at all.

  • i like both but minecraft is more intersting


  • mine craft is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv mine craft!!!!!!!!! creepersr better then whatevr roblox has!!!!!!!!!!!! if u think roblox is better then u r a noob!!!!

  • Roblox is a game that I believe may have gotten inspiration from Minecraft. But, it is filled with whatever, no purpose. It's not 100% Bad, it's just, Minecraft has more options.

    Posted by: Kidin
  • roblox is gey

  • I don't even like either, MineCraft is just objectively better

  • i like both but i have to choose but both games are equal even though i like both

  • I LOVE MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think minecraft is way better in roblox. u pay real money and minecraft does to have more options but u can hack more easy the game on this website has more attention and if u ccompare 74% to a miny 20% than ok i hhavent played roblox in a long time but its easyer to play minecraft anyways and u can chose your skin into any thing and theres even like 20/14 websities for that and if u look in mineplex or hive or highpixel or cubecraft then u can see how muchpepole don't play roblox uot

  • i love minecraft


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ROFLMFAO says2016-03-05T17:35:46.7991511Z
Roblox has more possibilities....So yeah (by the way mah name is gammie909 follow meh pls :))
The_Real_Cashew says2016-03-08T20:05:25.6247513Z
NOOB... Nobody will follow you.
KalebShmaleb says2016-03-17T11:22:55.3458288Z
I play both Minecraft and Roblox. They are both good games, but Minecraft has higher graphics, is easier to use (from my opinion), has much better PvP, much better servers and mini games and is overall a higher standard.
cam25aus says2016-03-17T20:49:14.2017001Z
My roblox account name is cameron1272
Epicslime847 says2016-03-28T21:21:31.2359782Z
Minecraft especially with 1.9 has so many applications especially with command blocks. If you don't know how to do this I highly recommend learning this.
AtomicMelon says2016-03-29T17:09:20.6946576Z
Minecraft is just obviously SO MUCH BETTER. Anyone who agrees type Thinknoodles.
AtomicMelon says2016-03-29T17:10:03.4233315Z
Minecraft is just obviously SO MUCH BETTER. Anyone who agrees type Thinknoodles.
buddywannago says2016-04-06T12:51:04.8861357Z
Hi five!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pika_chu_thunder says2016-04-28T19:21:35.3506431Z
Frick roblox MINCRAFT 4 LIFE!!!!!
Sauerkraut says2016-05-08T05:07:20.8827574Z
Haha, the number of minecraft kids in this poll is hilarious. I'm going to respond to a few of the minecraft supporters. CoolDCB: Is that a LeafyIsHere reference? The_Real_Cashew: You say Minecraft has a larger variety of servers, but I disagree. ROBLOX has hundreds of thousands of unique games. Minecraft has a few popular minigames that dominate most servers. Shadic35: I would put that the other way around. ROBLOX has the ability to be programmed basically down to the core functions of the game, and allows you to make something completely different from what you are given. Minecraft does have command blocks, but they don't allow as much freedom as ROBLOX does. 3168175: I don't think your opinion is valid since you only played ROBLOX for 30 minutes, and it was on a bad computer. Also, you don't need to buy things on roblox to play the game and have a great time. Also, Minecraft also has servers that has in-game buying features for 'VIP' and stuff like that. Buddywannago: I hate when people say this. ROBLOX came out in 2006 and Minecraft in 2008. Get your facts straight.
Professor_X_2005 says2016-05-19T13:43:35.8231514Z
I play minecraft every day!
Lxrd says2016-05-23T19:32:48.2629542Z
Roblox has more possibilities....So yeah (by the way mah name i xxdiamondreignsxx follow meh pls :))
lunaluna21 says2016-05-31T18:20:25.5713322Z
dAtBo1 says2016-06-02T03:20:28.3792051Z
How about a real game of which these are not.
minecraft655 says2017-01-19T15:34:43.8591639Z
Mine crafts da bost gome evoooo

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