• Watching anime?

  • Reading manga?

73% 19 votes
27% 7 votes
  • I voted for anime because I watch more than read, but what is better really depends on the series.

  • convenience

  • I'd say whichever you prefer. I like reading more than I like watching anime, but I hate turning pages... sooo. Anime for me I guess. Also, it can kinda sorta help with learning Japanese. If you watch with subs anyways.

  • anime is best

  • it's more .... active? you can feel the actual emotion and situation as the anime goes on.

  • Manga is probably better, as it is original, just like how books are better with movies, but I don't really have the patience to read Manga. It's more convenient to just watch anime.

  • Mainly because I don't have time to read manga so I'll watch the anime of the manga and if I have time I'll go back and read the manga after.

  • the cool faces

  • reading manga allows you to extend your imagination a bit further and lets you give the character a voice and its better on the eyes {:

  • art is better and it is faster

    Posted by: basils
  • Too lazy to watch anime.

  • watching anime doesn't really portray all of the action properly and if someone didn't understand something while reading, they could go back and read it again until they understand. Anime goes by too quickly without even showing all of the details because the developers didn't want it to become to long.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-10-07T15:48:19.8093741Z
I've generally found getting into Manga to be difficult. On at least one occasion the light novel to an awesome anime series has been a pleasant read though.

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