• Microsoft Windows

  • Intel

86% 6 votes
14% 1 votes
  • This poll makes no sense, how can you compare an OS to a Microprocessor manufacturer?

    Posted by: NKings
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Anonymous says2016-02-19T14:37:09.2522655Z
Apples and oranges. I can have a windows computer with intel. I think you meant to put AMD or Intel.
TBR says2016-02-19T16:47:54.6829564Z
Yea, I always have issues with these questions, but this one makes no sense. Contrasting a software company with a hardware company? No, not even that. Comparing an OS with a chip manufacture. Strange.
triangle.128k says2016-02-19T20:12:18.6859713Z
What the fuck? This is like comparing New York City to the European Union.
TBR says2016-02-19T21:29:12.7782332Z
You know.... You could do the question this way. What would the one company be without the other. In that case, I would say Microsoft would be almost entirely unaffected if Intel were never in business. Intel, on the other hand, would be in tough shape without Microsoft. Still have the OS vs company issue, so.... Just forget it.
kimjungrules says2016-02-20T05:13:07.5107427Z
They aren't opposites. You can have both. In fact I have not seen any windows computer with an AMD processor in it.
TBR says2016-02-20T05:34:54.8927233Z
@kimjungrules - For what its worth. These are the processors windows HAS run on. Intel, Citrix, ARM, IBM Power PC, HP Itanium, Motorola. The OS core can be run on LOTS of processors with changes and recompile.

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