Which is better? Windows or Linux?

Posted by: mase268

Just choose

  • Linux

  • Windows

50% 21 votes
50% 21 votes
  • Its a NO-BRAINIER Linux gives you way more functionality even though it has a learning curve

  • Windows is rather easy. . . If you are looking to know more about the computer's potential linux is what you need

  • Windows 7, XP, 95 > Linux (all OS) > Win8-10

  • I like to use a Tiling Window Manager. And linux makes a lot of basic stuff very easy, Eg. Coping entire drives with dd or working with remote files as if they where local. The package management on pretty much every distro is far superior to windows

    Posted by: myelf
  • Better operating system system than Windows

  • Linux because it is open source. More functionality and allows the user to choose what they want for their operating system instead of Windows deciding it. Does take a while to grasp but it is worth it to have an operating system shaped for you or you can install packaged system. More choices = better

  • If you know how to use Linux. Nothing is impossible.

  • Linux might be better for programming, But in general windows offers everything other people need because not everyone is a programmer. Windows has a much cleaner user interface than most Linux distributions. More programs are made for windows. Also, Gaming

  • Windows is easier to control and it's widespread use as an operating system compared to linux is an indicator of it's popularity and thus quality.

    Posted by: GrantW
  • Why is the use of an OS? To make the interaction of user with the computer easier, Right? Windows provides that, Windows is enough for all the standard PC users, Even professionals, Most apps are built for windows! Viruses? Its normal, If a person acquires good practices, Then your windows will not get viruses. If you want to run few apps which are not available on windows but on linux, Then there is Windows subsystem for linux available for you.

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Almora says2018-10-19T13:18:35.6675686Z
Linux has a lot less bloatware on it. Windows is super annoying about pushing certain software on you as well.

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