Which is cuter on a guy , long hair or short hair?

Posted by: Crystal_aka_CJ

  • Long haired guys?

  • Short haired guy?

45% 18 votes
55% 22 votes
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ButterCatX says2015-10-08T22:22:58.7993443Z
In between-ish
rightchoice says2015-10-09T03:04:37.5248174Z
It honestly depends on the person. Some people can rock a full head of long locks. Some can't. Big deal.
4bethanyyy2016 says2015-12-06T09:15:13.8622220Z
Guys with long black fringes, and short hair are what i find cutest
pissant999 says2016-03-14T04:34:06.8919130Z
If I wanted long hair I'd be a lesbian.
Bring-Me-The-Popcorn says2020-05-30T14:44:04.9622694Z
Same, I like a medium hair length. Not on the shoulders, And not bald looking.
AMCK says2020-11-26T07:30:20.2366879Z
Guys with long hair have higher IQ's.

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