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CentristX says2014-07-10T08:23:33.3111601-05:00
God is infinity
JMPepperP says2014-07-11T17:34:32.5077523-05:00
CentristX: so, since we have proved there are various infinities, you must agree there are many gods
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-12T19:12:48.0469657-05:00
Nothing of the sort has been proven. There is one universe, and one God. I can't prove this. No one can disprove it. No one can prove evolution is true, either. It all comes down to faith.
reece says2014-07-28T23:28:54.7516158-05:00
@Dr_Obvious you don't need faith to believe in science.The best thing in science is a scientific theory, do you believe/assume what you see around you is real? Well guess what, relativity is a theory e.g. gravity.
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-30T11:58:28.7805953-05:00
@reece I didn't say science. I said evolution. Evolution is not even a science.
reece says2014-07-30T12:27:56.8405958-05:00
Evaluation is a theory like all of science. The difference between a god and forms of science is that science is falsifiable. You don't need faith in science because it's not a static belief system.
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-30T12:32:05.9518241-05:00
Like I said. Evolution is not a science. It cannot be falsified. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that supports it's claims, yet people believe it anyway.
reece says2014-07-30T12:33:57.9875408-05:00
@Dr_Obvious Okay, we'll take baby steps.So do you believe in micro evaluation?
reece says2014-07-30T12:39:08.6987159-05:00
Evolution i mean :P
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-30T12:44:26.5236278-05:00
Microevolution is a misnomer. The correct terminology is adaptation. Adaptation is nothing more than environmental factors forcing the expression of traits that already exists in DNA. No new information is added. No matter how a species adapts, it is still the same species. There is no evidence that new information can be added to DNA. Every change that we see is the result of mutations, where DNA is rearranged or actually lost.
reece says2014-07-30T12:48:40.5411368-05:00
@Dr_Obvious You seem like a Religious type, that's why i used it.You're getting a head of yourself.Do you believe in random gene mutations?
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-30T13:53:26.2745155-05:00
Mutations are a scientific fact. Do you believe that random mutations can create new information?
reece says2014-07-30T14:44:19.2155457-05:00
Can the right notes on a piano become a beautiful song? Some "random mutations" are from junk DNA.The end result is through Different combinations (epigenetics) like binary code but much more complicated.New information doesn't get added, only modified via chemical reactions, X-rays and cosmic rays.By this processes creation of new proteins or enzymes get made, etc etc etc
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-31T13:29:07.2130667-05:00
And yet there is not one example of new information being added to DNA. You can shuffle it around. That's all. What I mean by new information, is the addition of something that wasn't there before. Something that actually changes the number of chromosomes. According to the latest scientific research, this is impossible.
reece says2014-07-31T14:14:41.2748438-05:00
Why does the number of chromosomes matter for evolution to happen?
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-31T14:17:17.6522510-05:00
Different kinds of life have a different number of chromosomes. Evolutionists claim that all life has a common ancestor. In order for all of the different kinds of life to exist, they must, somehow, add new chromosomes to their DNA. As I mentioned, science shows that this is quite impossible.
reece says2014-07-31T14:25:18.3754955-05:00
Don't lie please
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-31T15:24:58.2056677-05:00
I'm not lying. When I say new information, I mean meaningful information that can make beneficial changes. Like lizards sprouting wings. This has never been observed. There is no hard science that says it's even possible. It's all conjecture. Let me ask you this. Humans have nothing in their DNA that would allow them to sprout feathers. We will never have the DNA required to sprout feathers. It doesn't matter how many generations you wait, it will never happen. Nature can rearrange DNA. DNA can also get lost. Mutations do not create new information. They destroy it. They obey the second law of thermodynamics, to which there are no exceptions. Things devolve. They become less ordered. This is a scientific fact that evolutionists ignore.
reece says2014-07-31T15:27:47.8088677-05:00
Do you have a better alternative idea?
reece says2014-07-31T15:38:50.9523191-05:00
I could keep on discussing this subject but i'm going to cut it short with that question. Hopefully you have a good answer.
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-31T15:43:51.3197273-05:00
An argument Creationists often use, is that the complexity of life requires a Creator. Evolutionists counter that it's just an illusion of design. Even a simple cell is beyond our ability to understand. DNA is the most complex thing we, as humans, have ever encountered. It amazes me that anyone, who has an understanding of just how complex life is, can believe that it evolved by accident. Also there is the fact that our universe is uniquely designed to sustain life. If you know anything about physical constants, you know that changing them by just a small fraction will result in a barren universe; devoid of all life. Evidence of a Creator is all around you. You just need to open your eyes and look.
reece says2014-08-04T14:24:47.2979653-05:00
@Dr_Obvious There is no such thing as an "accident", people just use that word for a lack of definition. "Also there is the fact that our universe is uniquely designed to sustain life." What fact? If it is a fact that our universe is uniquely designed to sustain life, it should of been a better design. If there was no life, do you think we would be contemplating this idea in the first place?

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