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  • I think gymnastics is way harder than cheerleading because cheerleaders is just a 2 minute routine with jumps stunts and tumbling but gymnasts need to give it 110% on the floor, beam, bars, and vault and on floor routines it's tumbling, dance, jumps and side skills. On beam it's acro elements,turns,jumps,side dance, mount dismount...I just think gymnastics is harder

  • r u kidding me all cheerleaders do is shout go team i mean come on in gymnastics u actually do something

  • Gymnastics is harder. In gymnastics, you have to be able to lift yourself up while in cheer leading, the fliers rely on someone else to lift them up. Cheer leaders have to learn how to tumble and spot/ be a flier/ lift someone up. However, in gymnastics you have to learn how to vault and do bars, beam, and floor.

  • Gymnastics is definitely harder. Here’s a chart why. Gymnastics:you have to do bars, Floor, Vault, And beam. You have to tumble, Do acro, Dance, And much more. You have to have strength, Flexibility, Determination, And more. You have to be hardworking, Passionate, And disciplined. You will fall, You will fail, You will get hurt, And you might get injured, But most of all you will have fun, Succeed, And have an amazing life. But that will only happen if you work hard and never give up. Gymnastics is the hardest sport, Most demanding sport, But most amazing sport ever. Cheerleading:I’m not saying it’s not hard it’s really hard but gymnastics is harder. You tumble, Fly, And cheer, You use strength and flexibility but you mostly cheer which is really easy. In gymnastics you carry yourself in cheer you rely on someone else to carry you. Cheer takes hard work, Determination, And much more. But to be a cheerleader you only have to know how to tumble a little be a little flexibility and most of all cheer. That’s why gymnastics is harder!

  • i believe the requirements you need for gymnastics you also need for cheerleading. cheerleading has even more skills than tumbling and whatever

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207-852-9902 says2019-05-25T19:47:22.7249895Z
I think that gymnastics is WAY harder than cheerleading. Because in gymnastics there are four events where you have to focus on pointing even the smallest toe. And in cheerleading you just yell at the top of your lungs to weird music with over the top makeup and a big bow. An being a gymnast myself having lots of hours of practice each night, I don’t see cheerleading being a sport that requires a lot! In gymnastics you fly as high as you can, And in cheerleading you have help getting up there! So. . . My opinion, But it should be everyone else’s!
Akksjxnx says2021-06-22T13:00:42.1790318Z
I believe cheerleading is harder then gymnastics. I have personally done both sports so I know what it takes. In gymnastics there is heavily a lot of strain mentally and physically and the same goes for cheerleading. I do agree that gymnasts have it harder for the things they need to learn such as vault, Bars, Floor, And beam. But cheerleaders have to learn how to tumble good pretty easily. For example, Level 7 tumbling in gymnastics is just a level 4 tumbling in cheerleading. As for stunting, It is really hard but critical to us. Try to hold up a human in your palms and throw her. I ain’t easy is it? People may say “oh well gymnastics is harder because it’s just yourself on the floor” heck nah. In cheer you have to compensate for what your team mates can’t do.

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