• Star Wars

  • The Lord of the Rings

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71% 39 votes
  • Jarjar doesn't even start to compete with the epic story of LotR, and how much more we can 'feel' it.

    Posted by: 00r3d
  • Lord of the Rings is much more epic, especially considering that it is LITERALLY an epic! It finds its origins in popular fantasy and is much more sophisticated in taste. The creator (J.R.R. Tolkein) was a professor at Oxford! Not to mention that the movie was created by a cinematic master. I do have a great respect for the Star Wars movies, but that is all they are: movies, LOTR has a background of reality and based on the trials of WWI. Whereas, Star Wars is a sci-fi work that will die in a few generations.

    Posted by: bowzer
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wheresthebeef says2014-01-30T12:50:18.6229206-06:00
The movie frozen... THATS epic.
EternalWolf says2014-05-08T09:59:53.4695988-05:00
This is a toughie, as both are epic
dreamwalkings says2015-11-12T04:49:41.4081328Z
I would have to say both are pretty great but the books are a bit of the drag... The movies make it seem less boring and when you're watching Star Wars there's always some sort of excitement around the corner. Besides, Star Wars has an extended universe.
YourMomoness says2015-11-12T20:19:28.3365849Z
Dreamwalkings, Jerk. Books rule the world. And had better continue to do so.
dreamwalkings says2015-11-13T00:49:10.2041031Z
@YourMomoness This site is a state of opinions, you don't need to be rude. I agree that books are good, I just grew up with Star Wars. Star Wars has books. I'm not saying I hate his writing, i'm just saying he drags it on a bit... Just be happy it's not Stephanie Meyers who wrote the books.
YourMomoness says2015-11-13T03:07:07.0415404Z
Forgive me, I get carried away about things I'm passionate about. There was no can for my comment. And good point, twilight, ugh. :) no hard feelings?
YourMomoness says2015-11-13T03:08:11.7343257Z
* call, darn you auto correct. :)
dreamwalkings says2015-11-14T20:56:18.2998388Z
@YourMomoness this is a sight of opinions. You don't have to be rude. I never said they were bad books, I just said they were... Slightly boring. Just be happy Stephanie Meyers didn't write them.
dreamwalkings says2015-11-14T20:57:02.9322971Z
dreamwalkings says2015-11-15T05:37:43.6858109Z
Nah it's fine. I've ranted on at least five harry potter (wins) vs twilight pages now. So I know I what you mean X'D yeah! We're good. YourMomoness
SamwiseGamgee says2016-11-19T16:13:55.8266460Z
This shouldn't even be a question. LotR IS LITERALLY THE DEFINITION OF AN EPIC! There's large-scale battles, mass armies, world domination...... And its fantasy, which goes along with epicness. Yes, Star Wars was a great film series, but it just wasn't epic. It focused mainly on 1v1 or 2v2 battles, which lost it the chance of being an epic tale. Star Wars is Humpty Dumpty when compared to the vast information behind LotR.

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