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boognish says2016-11-18T02:47:08.3662880Z
Both are great. When Jesus is born, I get presents. When Jesus dies, I get chocolate. I love Jesus.
Rjupudi18 says2016-11-18T03:02:25.5496178Z
Are you f***ing serious?!!! You're a 43 year-old grown ass man and you're talking about presents and chocolate? By the way, Easter is not when Jesus dies. That would be Good Friday and no, kids don't get chocolate on that day. Easter is when Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after He was crucified for the sins of the world. Please learn a bit about Christianity and the world in general before posting nonsensical comments.
LuciferWept says2016-11-18T03:58:25.8267579Z
Better to be a 43 year old talking about presents and chocolate than another adult talking about a fairy tale like its real. But, my vote goes for Christmas because I like presents. I like chocolate too, but I'm also fat, so I can't celebrate Good Friday and Easter to the extent that other people can. Thanks Jesus, for giving us an excuse to demand presents and chocolate!
Skeptical1 says2016-11-18T05:01:27.9704832Z
boognish says2016-11-18T05:33:16.6936825Z
@Rjupudi18 - if there's an age beyond which you should stop getting excited about presents and chocolate, I hope I never reach that age.
benhos says2016-12-02T03:11:43.8375948Z
Neither. They were both originally Pagan holidays, therefore they pose zero christian value.
RayOConnor says2017-01-29T07:53:10.3097382Z
Neither. Pagan holidays, stolen by the Christians.
RayOConnor says2017-01-29T07:53:32.0717382Z
Neither. Pagan holidays, stolen by the Christians.
Taust says2017-02-16T00:38:07.5780792Z
@boognish Easter isn't when Jesus dies.

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