Which is more important?

Posted by: Mister_Man

In regards to searches from government officials, police officers, etc. - with internet usage or if they (actually) have suspicions that you're a dangerous person or have something dangerous on you.

  • Privacy

  • Safety

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minny says2015-02-02T16:38:31.8341911-06:00
This is one of the biggest debates of our time...I still can't decide. I don't know if I ever will
genochamp says2015-02-02T16:38:55.9956441-06:00
Is this made against me?
Mister_Man says2015-02-02T16:47:54.6376854-06:00
As hard as it is I'd rather be safe and have someone know something about me than endanger the safety of myself or people around me just to hide a secret or something. And no GenoChamp, you schizophrenic.
dbushwacker says2015-02-03T13:23:15.7427085-06:00
@minny Even if they saw fit to put cameras in you're bedroom and monitor what you're doing there, even when you're performing sexual activities. You ever heard of Watchdogs ? You can see from pretty weird sh*t. (Its a video game by the way) :p

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