Which is more important on the internet. Freedom of Speech or Privacy?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

  • Freedom of Speech

  • Privacy

50% 7 votes
50% 7 votes
  • Either way you look at it, if you want security, then you will have to deal with your privacy being invaded. All I can say is Libertarians are dangerous to this country.

  • The internet is very open, but too much of this can be a very bad thing. As many of you will know, once something goes online, it has the potential to stay there FOREVER. Quite frankly I'd rather not have undesirable information (or whatever) about myself for years to come which could very negatively impact upon my life (not that I personally do). You also have to remember, this poll asks which is more important, not should only one exist? Freedom of speech is still very prominent on the internet, more so than in any nation. But I'd rather have this slightly "breached" than have breaches into my private life.

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Kreakin says2014-06-18T10:26:45.5807409-05:00
Can't vote, they are of equal importance to me.

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