Which is more preferable: Anaracho-Capitalism or Anarcho-Communism?

Posted by: UtherPenguin

  • Anarcho Communsim

  • Anarcho Capitalism

52% 12 votes
48% 11 votes
  • Both would be horrible though.

  • anarcho capitalism is not even a real thing. anarchism inherently opposes structure of private property

  • I dont think Anarchism is pragmatic. But this definitely is preferrable. Anarcho Capitalism is inescusably anti-humanist.

  • Anarcho-communism is simply not possible, since capital always emerges in some form, even if it is not state sanctioned. Besides that, both groups want society to function the same, which is through voluntary cooperation. For this reason I often reject opportunists who try to divide us into being left and right wing.

  • you get what you put in, and the lure of capital creates incentive. look to the establishment of the Plymouth colony to see which system worked best, there's a reason that it stopped being a commune.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-12-04T00:50:04.1583559Z
Anarchism is neither. A system where equality is enforced is not anarchistic and neither is a system where private property is enforced.
BlackFlags says2015-12-04T01:27:28.9011232Z
Anarcho-communism doesn't sanction force, at least not under the classical interpretation. If it did, then it would not be anarchism, but libertarian socialism. Anarcho-communism is exactly the same as classical anarchism, with a promotion for the abolition of capital (currency). Private property also can and will exist in an anarcho-capitalist society. It is enforced by the holder and his collective community individually, but is not contracted to that person legally, since there is no organized force to officially recognize the claim.
TBR says2015-12-04T02:09:20.4133943Z
For what it's worth. Anarcho Communism does NOT mean no personal property, only no private property. Real estate, for example, could not per personal. You would not be a landowner, as land can not be owned in this fashion.
BlackFlags says2015-12-04T03:47:32.8295341Z
TBR is right, although I often confuse the two words.
TBR says2015-12-04T04:38:09.1939246Z
See blackFlags. Common ground. Build on it, just don;t own it.
Myrrdin says2015-12-04T21:26:08.1684427Z
All rights in anarchy must be protected by the holder of those rights with force if those rights are to be valid.

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