• Genocide

  • Slavery

61% 14 votes
39% 9 votes
  • Both are bad. However, slavery is more unjust in my opinion. Slavery is life in torture and agony, while genocide is death. Would you rather die or live in pain and agony for decades?

  • I don't know why people keep picking the holocaust because everyone thinks 6 million jews alone died in the camps. When the international red cross released the original death count they only counted about 300,000 deaths. On the website they admit that millions of people died all together including everyone who died in the war. Look it up on youtube and you will see the truth. I am only in the eighth grade and I know that slavery is worse than the holocaust. We can not paint hitler as the worst person ever because europeans did even worse things than he did. He did do very bad bad things that no human should do but we killed off many native americans and europeans killed off the aztecs. yet we don't paint them as bad people. To get the confessions we wanted them to give us we did the most brutal things to the nazi ss men. Some of the things we did were laying them on the ground and trampling there reproductive organs and smearing their bodies with feces and beat them until the were knocked out. With slavery we don't know how many people died. As someone has said on this poll that they burned babies to death, they probably did not know what slave owners would do to slaves babies, they would use them as alligator bait. The gator would hear the baby crying and splashing in the water, they would be attracted to the movement in the water and they would eat the baby, giving the men the ability to kill the gator. Slavery started so long ago but it is still going on today. They just changed the name of it. There were so many things that were lied about the holocaust, like the gas chambers and the creamating process. There was an interview on a survivor he lied so much. He said it fit about 2000 people in it but it would take practice to line up like it would take to fit 2000 people into the room. The nazi people would have to kill 1 jew every 30 seconds to complete the 6 million cap.AND FYI SLAVES WERE BARELY ALIVE GOING THROUGH THE THINGS THEY WENT THROUGH.

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Shadowhuntress says2014-05-03T17:19:53.3033731-05:00
At least the slaves got to live

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