• Snakes

  • Spiders

40% 12 votes
60% 18 votes
  • snake strike is more terrifying.

  • You can murder a spider by squashing it or spraying it. The snake is way bigger, and harder to kill. You can't spray that stuff. You have to shoot that serpent to really expel it.

  • I am not exactly scared of their appearance, but scared of them because of their easiness of being able to enter inside of a house without notice. They could be in your very own bedroom and you not being aware of them, stealthy, small, and deadly.


  • Often smaller things are creepier

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Fiasco says2018-07-02T18:41:23.4160073Z
Totally depends...Whichever is poisonous! Personally, I find snakes both more intriguing and intimidating, while spiders are fascinating but sometimes they startle me. It's a tough call.

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