• Russia

  • Japan

75% 9 votes
25% 3 votes
  • One is a gigantic superpower involved with most countries in the world, The other (Japan) has to deal with underpopulation because their people don't want to deal with the whole dating and marriage business. So it's clear why the mass of cold soil beats a couple of islands. . .

  • Russia has perogies, Borsch, And grizzly bears. Your move Japan

  • Russia isn't Japanese

  • Russia could probably take over the world in a day and we would all be fucked

    Posted by: Rigbo
  • I prefer Robots over Humans and I prefer Japanese women over Russian men!

  • Japan’s culture is richer than russia’s. So much places and culture to discover. I want to visit the memorial site for the atom bomb’s victims. I want to taste the food. I want to know more about the emperor and the samurai. Russia is a good place too but Japan is just better

    Posted by: Juris
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Juris says2019-01-05T17:58:34.1825378Z
Japan is a such a wonderful place. Cultured people
HushamFusion says2019-01-06T22:13:20.7984991Z
Russia is better than Japan. The biggest country in the world, Surely to feature a lot of biomes and a lot of natural sights. Politically-wise, It's pretty poor, But it allows skilled workers to enter the country and settle there if they want. The language is beautiful, And its' history is even more beautiful. The food is also amazing. You're sure to have a lot of fun with all the crazy Russians over there, And stuff is generally cheap. Sad it's not the Soviet Union, But it's still a nice country.

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