Which is the better EA franchise; Madden vs Fifa

Posted by: Savien

Choose witch EA franchise you enjoy more.

  • Madden

  • Fifa

52% 11 votes
48% 10 votes
  • This one is honestly picking the sport you prefer the most. There isn't much to argue about. I like both titles but I prefer american football over football.

  • because it is more enjoyable

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Smug_Tomato says2019-03-12T12:50:42.1524510Z
Both are trash.
XCPIN says2019-03-13T16:07:01.7176118Z
smokey0990 says2019-03-18T11:02:12.5698419Z
Asking what's the best EA game is like asking who's the best Kardashian. Why bother? They're all cancer.

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