Which is the better emotion: Love or Hate?

Posted by: Heterodox

The ambiguous word "better" is intentionally used so that people would comment with their reasoning.

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Love and Hate are two sides of the same emotion.

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Swimwithcats says2016-09-22T04:57:40.4119852Z
Oh yeah? What's that emotion then? I can hate someone who kills my mother, and I can love my mother. What emotion do you speak of that is the same from me to the murderer and me to my mother? Or do you just like the Taoist picture. BAH!
ThePostMarxist says2016-09-22T10:20:00.3879495Z
Love is a strong positive feeling towards someone and Hate is the opposite. I can't quite see why you are confused?
Swimwithcats says2016-09-22T10:31:09.9737478Z
I am not confused. Love and hate are not the same emotion, even if they are considered opposites. Would you call something hot (100 degrees) the same as something cold (0 degrees)? If the question is asking which is the better emotion why would we say both are the same thing when they are clearly not? You'd make for a bad parent if you hated your child and called it the same thing as love.
jeancommunicates says2016-10-17T17:16:53.5091709Z
Love is always the better emotion. It is positive, uplifting, good, kind, considerate and promising. I was given a spirit of love with power and a sound mind by Almighty God.
cyber_onions says2016-12-15T02:05:58.1603065Z
'Love and hate are two sides of the same emotion.' Well no, typically they are understood to be opposites. Linked, perhaps, through a binary, but that does not make them identical. The yin yang (image you have used) does not suggest that love and hate are the same - it suggests that opposites can be complementary or interconnected, and can give rise to one another. That doesn't mean that they are 'two sides of the same emotion'. They are separate emotions that are nonetheless connected.

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