Which is the better search engine?

Posted by: Gabe1e

Only Google and Bing are included, because they are the most popular.

  • Google

  • Bing

89% 33 votes
11% 4 votes
  • Leaves cool pictures on the screen every day

  • Google is bland, boring, no original design, where Bing is exiting, has new pictures, everyday... Google is just a plain white background.

    Posted by: eySam
  • Scroogle has gone down hill so fast, people only use it because it used to be good. Bing still tries to impress us while Google pushes out the same crap every year.

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CommunistDog says2015-04-14T18:03:26.5670919-05:00
Google is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
jyotipatel says2015-04-15T00:30:42.2076744-05:00
Google is better but, bing always shows us some beautiful pics. :)
starflight says2015-10-10T23:18:01.4560859Z
www.duckduckgo.com is 30 times better than both of them
TheChap says2018-05-02T10:09:26.2211990Z
You can set google to show you pictures

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