Which is the bigger issue: Racism or the idea that racism is the problem is preventing us from talking about the real problems?

Posted by: Heterodox

  • Racism.

  • The idea that the problem is racism is preventing us from talking about the real problems.

17% 4 votes
83% 20 votes
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Skeptical1 says2016-09-17T04:23:45.8817387Z
Of course it's the racists claiming that those who bring up racism are causing division. They find it tiring that they have to keep answering for their bigotry. It's the same as them mindlessly following bumper sticker politics whilst calling everyone who doesn't agree with them "sheeples".
NtdNak says2016-09-18T09:15:06.1816528Z
I think these days black people are using Racism as a tool. If any white people tell shit about a black dude, black guys will go to mad ASAP without any true reason. Of course, racism still exists but not so much than before so stop getting triggered when someone says think bad about black people. In some case, they may deserve it so stop bitching about that
jstaflgirl033 says2017-08-25T06:27:13.2616697Z
I believe there are racists on both sides, of every creed, color and nationallity. The events that are happening in the world today esp in usa bothers me very much. I believe that the government wants this discontent to avoid us all joining together against the government and the acts against people that refuse to do their dirty work for them PLZ...Watch STANDING ROCK AND RUBY RIDGE.. They want to concour us the easiest way to do that is to divide us...WAKE UP AMERICAN WE ARE A LAND OF IMMIGRIENTS...OUR ANSCENTERS INVADED THE INDIANS AND DESTROYED THEM AND THEIR SIMPLE WAY OF LIFE...WE OWE THEM ALOT MORE THAN A APOLGY SORRY BOUT ERRORS TIRED BRAIN SHUTTING DOWN...

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