Which is the most powerful country in middle east?

Posted by: maysam.tammar

This topic could be interesting. If u don’t have even a bit information about this countries please don’t vote. If u say your reasons it will be better.

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Iran (Islamic republic of Iran)

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Kirigaya-Kazuto says2016-03-15T12:57:43.6551047Z
Saudi Arabia. They control most of the world's oil.
Finnickjackson says2016-03-15T14:35:00.7739707Z
Saudi Arabia
triangle.128k says2016-03-15T19:11:23.4718169Z
Oh right, Iran and Israel are the only countries in the middle east.
maysam.tammar says2016-03-15T20:56:28.8662883Z
Answer to this question needs to see all the aspects, that I’ll mention some of them. 1.Energy: if we consider two main sources of energy (gas + oil), Iran has the top situation (considering all countries in the world even Saudi Arabia ). 2. People: the population and how they agree with their system is very important. After Egypt Iran’s people are more than other countries in middle east. Most of Iranian people agree with their system and they love their leader (Ayatollah Khamenei). [that u can’t see something like this in other countries in middle east and Saudi Arabia has a bad condition in this part]. U can see this in taking part in elections in Iran (that is more than many liberal countries even USA ). Israel people aren’t as brave as Iranian people. And that comes from Iranian faith to God and being killed in Gods path 3. Other countries idea: USA and EU support Israel in many aspects that’s a good thing for Israel. But lets look at two experience: a. 8-year war between Iran and Iraq (Sedam Hossein) : That war happened almost 2 years after Iran revolution and because of that Iran had a bad situation. Most arab countries helped Sedam Hossein also USA and many countries from EU supported him with economy equipment, soldiers, sanctions of Iran. But all the people believe that Iran was the winner in that war. B: the 33-day war between Israel and Hezbollah. Hezbollah is a very small group that follows Irans order. Iran helped Hezbollah in that war and USA and EU supported Israel. And people saw that Israel couldn’t vanquish Hezbollah (a small group). And it shows Iran was the winner in that war. Comparing this with “6-day war between Israel and Arab countries” , we can see most of Arab countries couldn’t resist against Israel in that war even 6 days. And how Saudi Arabia can be more powerful than Iran? .4. Geography: Iran’s situation on the map is much better than other countries even Israel. 5.Science: iran has a good condition here too better than Saudi Arabia but I don’t know about Israel. 6. Nuclear weapon: Israel has that and Iran doesn’t have. I think it’s very difficult to use that especially after USA in world war. And beside that Iran has many good missiles and rockets that are ready. And that make the situation difficult for Israel. At the end I want to mention that Iran reached all those points under sanctions and now many sanctions are released so iran is going to be more powerful than before. So how some people believe that Israel is more powerful ? About Saudi Arabia that’s so much funny LOL.
TechnologicalSingularity says2016-06-25T00:21:03.1337795Z
Most Powerful Saudi Arabia, most lucrative Qatar. But who cares their both humanitarian disasters with Sharia law.
Anonymous says2016-07-20T13:17:07.0335726Z
Which is the most powerful country in middle east? If that's the question then please include all the Middle East countries. It's Saudi Arabia btw.
iranpersia says2018-01-23T22:32:57.2683862Z
If Consider actual power based on population potential, indigenous industry, science & technology & more important culture so Arabian countries is nothing, iran will be first but if just focus on economic based on crude oil sell saudi arabia that is fully supported by USA Also israel with totally protected with USA and if consider nuclear missile can became first

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