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RonPaulConservative says2017-01-08T19:37:10.5765378Z
@Nanubot Why aren't you classified as a Deist?
Nanubot says2017-01-08T19:39:24.2819634Z
I agree with both, but I can't pick both. God never told us to accept a religion - he told us to accept him. But still, I am of Christian faith.
FajerBu50 says2017-01-08T21:06:44.6339634Z
Every human imo has three sides. Emotional, rational and spiritual. The most rational explanation is the theory of evolution. It beats believing in an invisible being you cannot see or hear or feel. The first and third are more spiritual than rational. Agnosticism is more emotional, you crave a connection with a higher power but at the same time think its ridiculous.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-08T21:15:23.2247634Z
@Nanubot, if you are bothering to care what the God of the Bible says, then you've already bought into a religion. Christianity is a religion. The reason your God never told you to accept a religion is because you have to accept a religion as a prerequisite to care what he says at all.
Nanubot says2017-01-08T22:33:13.1649378Z
The Bible itself isn't a religion. It's a book. You can believe in the Bible, but not submit to Christianity or being Catholic. I know some people who 'believe in the Bible' exclusively, rather than being Christian. You don't need to be Catholic or Christian to realize that God is real and you believe in him.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-08T22:50:40.7027634Z
Uh, yes you do.
Unstobbaple says2017-01-09T01:05:20.3661378Z
I don't see Agnostic Atheism here. Prefix a is basically a negation. Gnostic refers to knowledge: I have no certain knowledge that no gods exist. Theism refers to belief in god/s, I do not have a belief in Gods.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-09T02:03:09.6345378Z
I suppose this poll is just for belief and "agnostic" refers to pure agnostics. That's how I voted.

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