• Nickelback

  • Creed

43% 16 votes
57% 21 votes
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lannan13 says2013-09-03T16:16:17.2331668-05:00
These are two great bands, this question in general sucks.
devin.cooper64 says2013-09-05T15:48:17.2634531-05:00
Honestly I hate both bands, but like ian said this question in general sucks, most hate for nickleback is simple bandwagoning thanks to 4chan, and creed is a pick and choose kind of band, now if this was a list this would be easier to vote on,
IwinDebates says2013-10-21T21:01:38.4698622-05:00
I like both bands!!! Iannan13 this does suck :(
jessieloveskenik says2015-05-12T14:28:54.7379248-05:00
I guess I'm NOT the only one who likes Nickelback, contrary to what I previously thought...

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