Which is Worse, Adolf Hitler or the People that carried out his orders?

Posted by: Heterodox

Please comment with your reasoning.

  • Adolf Hitler

  • People that carried out his orders

75% 21 votes
25% 7 votes
  • Soldiers have sworn the the Furher, therefore if they disobey, they will probably be killed. I do not think many soldiers had the option to disobey. Hitler ruled with an iron fist.

  • the people were desperate due to the hyper inflation.

  • the soldiers who carried out the order were faced with great pressure and an aurora of fear from their commanders if they disobeyed orders, no matter how gruesome or cruel they could be. Hitler answered to no one and implemented many laws giving him absoltue control over Germany, those who carried out his orders were borderline helpless to do otherwise

  • Hitler had total authority, and he brainwashed people. If they didn't buy into what he was saying, they probably would have been killed.

  • Hard to say, as it is sure that Hitler would not have gotten far without relative support from the German people. No side is justified, but history shows Hitler to be a weak, xenophobic, racist, paranoid, and barbaric man with no positive aspects other than "he loved dogs". The German people, for the most part complied with Hitler, but in no regard could it be plausible to say that that society had even worse qualities than Hitler, as I think many of them could only be accused of being short-sighted.

  • The Nazi party itself was a minority party during the Third Reich. Meaning that although the soldiers were Germans, not all were Nazis.

  • Many of the German soldiers were fooled into believing that Hitler was doing good due to propaganda.

  • Hitler had complete control. It was he who authorized these killings and while others (most notably the waffen SS) were partly responsible for these crimes, Hitler has absolutely no excuse.

  • The soldiers didn't really have much choice in this- HItler did.

  • In the military, there's something called the chain of command. Soldiers of lesser rank will suffer brutal consequences if they neglect an order. Hitler was to blame, because his soldiers had no choice.

  • The people following Hitler's orders had no choice in doing so because if they didn't follow the orders they would most likely have been killed.

  • Once Adolf got his political machine working, it then became perilous for anyone to disagree with him. He was able to manipulate power and control such that even his #2 could be (and was) relieved of duty. From that point on it would not be hard for him to have anyone relieved of duty then be shot. Even to this day, we train troops to obey orders. Officers are taught to evaluate orders and resign if they cannot concur in them. Troops who are not officers are taught to obey superiors. Ergo you cannot hold subordinates responsible for the edicts of the leader. Stalin is also proof of this -- he unabatedly murdered more people than Adolf ever did. Adolf got more people killed due to his wars. But Stalin murdered more than Adolf on his own.

  • Many people followed Hitler just for the security (financial, etc.) and not due to beliefs they personally held against the Jewish people.

  • Originally, the commanders command; soldiers fight. We are men, women (for women); we have freedom. One cannot defeat all. the number of soldiers were more than Adolf Hitler.

  • If you were familiar with the 1963 Milgram "Authority Experiment Or the 1971 Philip Zimbardo "Prison Experiment" You would KNOW that if a person, especially a soldier feels compelled to do his duty by authority accepting the responsibility. This dissociative state of "shell shock" is how the soldier removes himself or psyche from the reality to be a forced murdered which is counter productive to his nature.It may be the ONLY thread for the soldier to kill at will + propaganda. All of you are a bunch of inaccurate Godwin's law spreaders so either get GERMANIZED or shutthe f*ck up.

    Posted by: ramm55
  • anyone can talk out there ass but choice is what it all comes down to. everyone knew what the final solution was and what it entailed they decided to go through with it. I dont do everything i'am told. also for the record more people died understalin than they did hitler.

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-24T14:49:53.2294000Z
"if they disobey, they will probably be killed. I do not think many soldiers had the option to disobey. Hitler ruled with an iron fist." But probably killed by another order follower. I wonder how many people, if any, Hitler actually personally killed.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-08-24T14:51:41.3557724Z
I wonder why also that you could ever personally indemnify our soldiers for killing civilians or committing war crimes. Under your model ... The commanders should constantly be put in jail.
Atheist-Independent says2015-08-24T15:21:36.8526096Z
There are a few examples of Nazi's with good morals (i.E Rommel).
58539672 says2015-08-24T16:31:32.8609968Z
I think this can be boiled down to who is responsible for an action. The tool or the person using the tool.
Atheist-Independent says2015-08-24T17:00:52.6170244Z
The Nazi's were not a minority party, they were the dominant party the moment Hitler became Chancellor. All other parties (i.E. The Communists) were eradicated under Hitler's rule.
Christopher_Carpenter says2015-08-24T17:41:49.2903076Z
I'll just put this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment
58539672 says2015-08-24T19:00:38.9122192Z
At its peak, the Nazi party counted about 10% of the German population as its members. Eliminating all other competition does not change the fact that they were a minority party.
ramm55 says2015-08-26T13:38:11.1592970Z
You all are totally wrong. So shut up.
Heterodox says2015-09-02T23:19:45.8610992Z
@Christopher_Carpenter, ramm55 Thanks for that. I've read that before, what seems like a long time ago, I forget when exactly. Probably thought the same thing I do now, "damn people are stupid". Sometimes I forget just how stupid, so thanks for reminding me.

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